Elect Tim Uy for Congress 🇺🇸🌲🚀

Washington State District 2

Update: Download Trump Accomplishments – 13 Aug 2020
** Print and concealed carry in case of emergency. **

Trump orchestrated the greatest economy in more than 50 years. I was literally hiring people off the street. Then, communist China wrecked it. But the sky is not falling. Trump brought back the American dream once, and he will do it again, bigger and better.

Congress just needs to get out of his way.

House democrats wasted 4 years on a Russian collusion hoax, a phony impeachment, and ripping up the State of the Union. Don’t give them another day.

Elect me. I will drop everything, go to D.C., and support every legislative action that helps Trump succeed, so we all prosper again.

I am an American. You are an American. We put men on the moon. We land rockets right-side-up like Buck Rogers. We reject “the new normal”. We choose greatness.

Let us “Make America Great Again“!

I am not a 20-year career politician, but a fellow American who will bring a fresh voice to Congress. I propose that congressmen should have a self-imposed limit of three terms without pension, and no perks; your congressman should be focused on service over self-interest.

Professional Experience:

President, Sycamore Corporation (property management); Founder and President, Loqu8 Inc. (learning software); Principal, Gig8 (cryptocurrency consultancy)


Bachelor of Science, California Institute of Technology; Ph.D., Applied Physics, Stanford University

Community Service:

I am currently in training as a volunteer firefighter pending full certification, whereupon I will be regularly performing on-call duty.