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Washington State District 2

I always wish for people who’ve actually accomplished something in the private sector…I’d much prefer somebody who’s actually been in the real world, signed the front of a paycheck, made businesses, maybe even saw businesses go down, and actually had to take care of employees and meet all the responsibilities. That guy I’m talking about is Tim Uy, who’s running for the US House in Washington’s District 2.

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Lars Larson

Show Host, Lars Larson Show

Fully endorsed by Go Red State By State.

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Go Red State By State

We endorse Tim Uy, a diehard Trump Republican, MAGA warrior, and candidate for the U.S. House, in Washington State 2d Congressional District. Tim is opposing incumbent Democrat, Rick Larsen, a 10-term career congressman. 

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Dave Saulibio

Founder, Trump Republican Party

Rated Tim Uy as a good candidate for Property Rights.

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Co-endorsed by the Human Life PAC.

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